Reviewing Expense Reports

To review expense reports submitted to you, head over to the To Review area on the main navigation menu:

This list of expense reports has been assigned to by users who have you listed as their approver. To review a report, click the report name to open the report review view.

Here you can see the high-level details of the report, as well as the individual items to review. You have the option to approve or reject the entire expense report or reject individual expenses once you've reviewed them.

Hovering over the policy indicators on either the To Review list or the list of items within the report will give you insight into which rules or policies have been violated. More info can be found here:  Policy Indicators

When choosing to approve the report, the report will either be forwarded to your approver (if your approval level is too low for the report) or sent directly to the AP team for processing and potential reimbursement.

When rejecting a report or an individual expense, you'll have the opportunity to provide a note as to the reason the expense has been rejected. This will send the report or the item back to the user to be updated and resubmitted.

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