RoboScanning Receipts

Whether uploaded from your phone or forwarded from an email, receipts imported to ExpenseBot go through a multiple step OCR-based scanning and transcription process.

What ExpenseBot's RoboScan Process Does:

  • Reads the details of the receipt and tries to identify and transcribe the receipt's:
    • Vendor Name
    • Amount (including handwritten totals)
    • Date
  • Compares the receipt vendor name to historical expenses to pick the best expense category (if possible)
  • Usually only takes 3-5 minutes for a receipt to be RoboScanned (periods of heavy usage may cause delays)

What ExpenseBot's RoboScan Process Doesn't Do:

  • Read handwritten notes about attendees or customers 
  • Split hotel folios into multiple expenses automatically
  • Itemize alcohol, tip, and other types of amounts automatically

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