Managing Your Expenses

Accessed from the Expenses main navigation menu selection, the My Expenses area lists all of your currently unexpensed transaction, distance claims, and manually added expenses.

The list is sortable by clicking the column name of the field you would like to sort by, and can be searched using the search text box at the top of the list.

This list of expenses shows transactions from your linked credit cards and bank accounts as well as any expenses or distance claims that you've created manually but not expensed. The list includes the name of the vendor, the date of the expense, the expense type or category, the source of the expense (whether manually created or from a linked credit card or bank account), and the amount of the expense. Additionally, if there is a receipt linked to the receipt already, a thumbnail for the receipt will appear to the left of the item.

Bulk Selection & Expense

You'll also notice that every item has a checkbox to the left of the expense details. These checkboxes allow you to select multiple expense items in order to either delete the items or add them to an expense report.

Deleting expenses allows you to remove manually created items or transactions from a linked account from your expense list. By deleting an item, you're clearing it from the expenses area so that you won't see it again next time you go to do an expense report. Additionally, when deleting an item from a linked account, you're actually training ExpenseBot's automated expense report creation process to reduce the Expensability rating of the vendor on the expense.

Adding expenses to an expense report allows you to quickly add multiple items to an existing report, or to create a new expense report on the fly. Additionally, when expensing items from a linked account, we'll learn a little more about that vendor, making ExpenseBot's automated expense report creation process even smarter!

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