Managing Expense Categories

Managing Expense Categories is handled under the Admin area of the product and is only available to ExpenseBot administrators.

Within the administrative area, Expense Categories is the third link on the left navigation menu.

The Category Management area provides a searchable list of current and inactive categories including their Name, GL Number or Accounting GL, Status, as well as a link to Edit a Category.

To Disable / Delete / Enable an Expense Category, simply click the link to the right of the table for the Category in question. Please note that only Categories that have no data associated with them can be deleted.

When clicking a category name, the Edit Category modal will open allowing the Category to be edited.

Category Name is the name of the category as it will appear to users within the ExpenseBot account.

GL / Account Code is an optional field that allows the category to be associated to a GL Account in the company's accounting system. This appears in exports and allows alignment to the company GL.

When the ExpenseBot account is linked to an accounting system directly, this field is replaced with a selector allowing a GL Account to be selected from the list of active and available GL Accounts within the linked accounting system.

For categories that require additional data, the administrator has the option to enable date range tracking and attendee tracking fields for this category.

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