Managing Users

Managing ExpenseBot Users is handled under the Settings area of the product and is only available to ExpenseBot administrators.

Within the administrative area, User Management is the first link on the left navigation menu.

The User Management area provides a searchable list of current and past users including their Name, Email Address, Enabled State, Permissions, as well as a link to View a User and Edit a User.

Clicking the User's name will open the Edit User modal and allow you to edit the details of a User's information, settings, and permissions.

Basic User Information

Basic User information such as Name and Email Address are required. Please note that Email Address cannot be changed once a user is created.

Additionally, information such as Employee ID and Corporate Credit Card ID can be recorded and later utilized within AP exports to identify and align ExpenseBot users to employee records within third-party platforms and accounting systems.

Approval Processing Information

Approval Processing information is utilized to manage a user's hierarchy and expense submission process.

A user's Approver (the field to the left) indicates the manager that directly approves a user's expenses. This field may also be set to "Does Not Require Approval" for users that do not need review on expenses.

A user's Approval Limit (to the right) indicates the amount that a the user being edited can approve. (Not the approver set to the left.) This Limit allows for automatic tiered expense approval wherein a user who is set as another user's approver but has an Approval Limit that is too low automatically triggers a secondary approval requirement by their manager and so on until a sufficient Approval Limit is reached to allow final approval and processing of the expense.

User Defaults

User Defaults allow the administrator to set a default value for custom entities that have been created for the ExpenseBot account. As an example, when tracking a department cost center, the default department selected will always be set automatically for that user when creating or submitting expenses. The user will have the ability to change the value of that field, but this is a helpful time-saving measure for users that nearly always have the same value.


User Permissions are simple to manage. Users can be enabled or disabled (unable to utilize their ExpenseBot account), can be listed as a Payer (allows access to the AP and processing area of the product, and/or as an Admin (able to manage the ExpenseBot account).

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